I definitely enjoy working on projects related to culture. The Symphonic Orchestra City of Elche (OSCE) has already a long history providing the audience in Elche with the best classical music events on the world scene. On its 30th Anniversary, I was asked to create a badge on its logo to highlight the special character of its Season Program. It was also necessary to renovate the image and design of its event agenda, to equal it with the current times like other orchestras of international reference all over the world do.


Marking the renewal objectives of the OSCE Season Program, I thought needed to restructure the information to make the reading easier for the user. This program lasts a whole year so I tried to give it a nice and light design, inspired by minimalism, with protagonism for the artists that appear on it. The palette of colors arises from the same need to endure over time, hence the choice of light colors in pastel tones. The illustration on the cover represents a moment of celebration bringing us the magic lived in every concert offered by the orchestra throughout these years.


Simultaneously to the Season Program of concerts, a complete campaign of promotion in radio and outdoor advertising was carried out by Grupo Antón Comunicación. A large canvas is placed at the entrance to the Gran Teatro de Elche and 2×1’5 mts billboards dress the streets of the city every 2 months throughout the year.

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