Nice and small works I’ve done with great pleasure and dedication. Some were only proposals, others gave extra value to the client, others were to give some help to my colleagues and others are just different experiences I could enrich my life with.


A proposal for the Tourist Office of Elche. As tourists and visitors of a new city, we usually follow the route that the tourist guides or maps of the city, provided in the Tourist Offices, show us. But every city hide a bunch of spots and interesting corners that, often, do not appear in turistic guides. We wanted to make a route of these unique places hidden in the city of Elche. In addition, through this alternative and singular route, the visitor also knows the most known points of our city. So it is just a matter of sightseeing in a different way. Finally, we aim the visitor to share the photographs of these unique hidden places through social networks.


A very nice poster made for the Elche Coral. Although this musical association has a long way walked in my city, never had much visibility. Perhaps the reasons for its lack of visibility is the low investment in promotion made of these events as well as the classy character of them. I wanted to break with the traditional design of this type of events. So I bet to design an image that could attract a wider range of public not just the traditional audience of the zarzuela. On this occasion, through a game of layers, textures and typography.


Illustrated pieces for a social network contest of SCRATS, Central Union of Irrigators of the Tajo Segura Transfer. One of Grupo Antón Comunicación‘s customers with the most workload … everyone at the office had to lend a hand from time to time!


Back in 2009 I had the chance to participate in a collective exhibition project. A group of 6 artists developed an exhibition of different installations where each one reflected about fear and phobias of life in society. Each participant was able to develop his project and collaborate with others. At that time I had recently started my work as a graphic designer and collaborated by designing all the graphic stuff (dossier, poster, cards) of the exhibition. It was a great experience where I could put my creativity and teamwork to the test.

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