My career has been linked to this well-known Spanish sneakers brand for the last 3 years. I have been part of the creative team in charge of the branding and marketing of the company within Grupo Antón Comunicación. Specifically, presenting the product collections in semi-annual brochures, designing packaging and displays, developing graphic pieces for marketing in social networks and an infinity of continuous communication actions with the public of the brand.


J’Hayber are not only shoes. In the last years, the company has developed different lines of products related to sports (J’Hayber Soy Pádel) and also security shoes for J’Hayber Works. Two Collection Books of each line are made every year. Winter and summer collections of casual and sports shoes. Winter and summer collections of sportswear, paddle rackets and accessories. Winter and summer collections of technical and security footwear.

Simultaneously to all the promotional material, several television commercials were made, as well as other sponsorship actions that contribute to give visibility and prestige to the brand.


Packaging and label design, all kind of display pieces to spot shops, textile and other accessories, exclusive t-shirt proposals and other official merchandising, annuary gifts for clients, etc..

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